About Us

Who are we?

Daimore is an online marketplace for personalized gifting products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We like to source and personalise quality products and it is our aim and delight to sell them at as an affordable price as possible. Choose from a wide range of jute bags, canvas bags, lunch box, and various of other gifts. 

We hope you enjoy the whole personalization process on the site and create wonderful products for your loved ones.


Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts Nothing says unique like personalized gifts. Custom gifts can make a statement, tell a story, and remind one of a past event all in one moment. Customized gifts are the perfect antidote to mundane or boring. They immediately state their uniqueness and hint at the uniqueness of the owner. A personalized gift like engraved stepping stones in the garden or a family history pillow each say so much about the person who has them. One likes to be outdoors, to garden, and is proud of her family. The other shows a sense of history, of family permanence, and hints at more to come in the future. Each a unique person with a unique viewpoint, individual to themselves.


The personalization of gifts is a lasting way to impress upon another the importance of an event or a time. A special vacation, an anniversary, a visit to long separated relatives; each event captured and remembered as something unique and special to those who lived it. It is easy to let that memory become bittersweet, and sometimes it may. But it is still yours and yours alone, and how you display it should be as unique as the memory itself.